Love by Andreas Neophytou

One the typographic illustrations I’ll be exhibiting at Pick Me Up 2014 at Somerset House, London. 

24 April – 5 May 2014
Open daily 10.00 – 18.00, late night Thursdays and Fridays until 22.00
Embankment Galleries, South Wing

Love Me
Love Me is a typographic illustration by Andreas Neophytou.
©2013 Andreas Neophytou

Porter magazine logotype

Working with Robin Derrick the Creative Director of Porter magazine was a unique opportunity to create a logo for a progressive brand making a truly significant shift in the already saturated world of fashion editorial. 

“The branding for the logo was designed to make the magazine look like it had been on the shelf for 50 years,” said Derrick, “and the challenge was to make it look both classical and also capture the digital newness of the brand all at the same time. The capital-height lower case ‘e’ is given an italic emphasis to feminize the design, and is a subliminal wink towards the online functionality.”

When designing the logo I referenced historical variations of the Modern style championed by Bodoni and Didot. The extreme proportions and high-contrast tailored silhouettes in some way exemplify a fashion sensibility. And of course, decades of appearances on the covers and pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar have helped cement this association with fashion and luxury.

Shepherd Wheel.
Designed for my mate Frank.

A bespoke typeface designed for Shepherd Wheel by Andreas Neophytou. The design was arrived at after pillaging contemporary design literature from the 1930s through to the 1960s. Roberto Aloi’s Essempi series on contemporary Italian design that ran from the 1930s to the 1960s proved to be the final inspiration.

My illustration for Dalla Terra Enoteca.

New symbol for Hole & Corner Magazine


First in a series of mixes from illustration agency Outline Artists, each with its own bespoke artwork. Outline Zone #1 artwork by Andreas Neophytou.

Outline Zone #1 by Outlinezone on Mixcloud

Tvisker by Kristjana S Williams. Including work by Mr Bingo, Hvass&Hannibal, Rob Bailey, Andreas Neophytou, Ed Carvalho-Monaghan and Jessica Das.

Photographs by Christodoulos Neophytou

The Sea Queen

Just found these photos of the logo I designed for The Sea Queen. Originally owned by my grandparents in the 60’s and still in the family. Recently awarded best Fish & Chips in the Midlands.

THE FABRIC OF DESIGN - by Andreas Neophytou Limited Edition Print On Hahnemuhle 300gsm 50 x 70 cm Edition of 30 signed and numbered by the artist